Marriage to a foreigner.

There was this article in the Peninsula that really annoyed me.

I want to disect it carefully, however before jumping into the subject, I want to talk about the ignorance of the article. Why do the views of a few people represent everyone? I’m definately sure that 99% of the people who read this article thought ‘Bullshit!’. Especially the ones who actually are married to a foreigner!

Social customs and traditions, besides financial constraints, are proving an obstacle to Arab men marrying within their community, especially in the GCC countries, according to studies. As a result, more Arab men are marrying foreigners.

Just remember that guys. The first line says that it’s ‘social and traditional customs’ that are forcing Arabic men to marry foreigners… does that make sense? Shouldn’t a woman from the same country and the same culture have the same… ah forget it, maybe I’m just stupid and understanding this wrong.

Mohammed Salem, a national, told an Arabic daily that those who prefer to marry a foreign woman say that the cost of wedding is minimal.

Ok, so let’s get this straight, the Arabs areĀ  marrying foreigners because it’s cheaper? That’s freaking insane! In fact, if I marry an Arabic woman I get MORE benefits from the government. Who’s this Mohammed Salem guy that’s talking on behalf of all of us? If anything it would be the same cost if not MORE expensive because most foreign women want a wedding that is traditional of their culture and the men want their styled wedding. So that’s TWO weddings. In fact, I think that the Arabic style wedding is TOO expensive to begin with! If they’re happy, they’re happy, why do you have to throw cost into the mix. If they can’t afford it, it doesn’t mean that’s the reason they got married in the first place.

But he added that marrying a non-Qatari woman had become an issue. According to him marriage to foreigners threatens the composition of Qatari families and the local social fabric. “We must take practical steps to address this issue. I do not say that a non-Qatari wife is bad, but I am saying that the future of our daughters is endangered.”

What the hell is this guy saying?! Endangered? Lets look around the world. There are Japanese people in the US who have adopted their culture, there are Africans in France that have adopted their culture. I’m all for internationalization and globalization to an extent. Just because my wife may be British, for example, (no I’m not married btw), it doesn’t mean that my children can’t learn about Qatari traditions AND British traditions…

Throw Qatari children in Australia and guess what? They’ll act like Ozzies no matter how ‘pure blood’ they are.

Salem said, “I know a Qatari family with six sons married to foreign women. The women are from different countries. As a result communication inside the house requires speaking of six languages, otherwise an interpreter is needed.”

First of all, why is this guy talking about people’s personal lives? Plus I highly think that this is a definate lie. #1, do all these sons speak different foreign languages? #2, Can’t they all speak english or learn arabic? #3, why do families need to talk 24/7 and get into everyone’s business and #4, A freaking interpreter?! Liar.

Bashamir added, “They (Arab wives) want only financial benefits, especially since Qatari law provides a foreign wife the same rights as a citizen.”

Wow! This guy just spoke on behalf of all Arab wives in the world! Someone should sit that guy down and give him some laughing gas.

Fahad Al Qahtani, a Saudi living in Qatar, said he had seen a similar trend in his country of men marrying non-nationals. He attributed it to unemployment among young men.

Sadly it seems, Fahad doesn’t understand the concept of love. *sighs*

I’m telling you this guys, my father married a British woman and I think I’ve got the best of both worlds. I accept Qatari traditional values and I think that I’m open minded. My uncle married a British woman too. They live a great life, in fact, she’s adopted the Muslim way completely. My other uncle married a German woman. They live happily and believe it or not, non of them are unemployed lol.

Long live integration.

  • Siri

    LOL ! I actually like it when I see Arabs marrying from different Arab countries. I feel they’re so united this way, it’s breathtaking. Very beautiful, in my opinion.

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