Lekhwiya on Facebook?

Well this is a bit of a concern. Qatar’s Lekhwiya is a form of “Elite” police force, they’re internal security to protect us (Like Japan’s Self Defence Force). We don’t really have any crime in Qatar, but they’re here to protect us against terrorists and anything in general if I think about it. They drive the red Land Cruisers in Qatar, they train hard and are tough, and they do some incredibly hard training. I think they’re great and they’re doing a great job, however I do wish that there were more traffic police out there enforcing the laws.

Anyway, I was on facebook and I don’t know if this was the actual Lekhwiya or a person on the force, but there was an advert for them there. That either means someone really likes the Lekhwiya or they’re on facebook, which kind of makes me wonder what they’re monitoring.

Here’s a video

They had a bunch of other videos and pictures but I also loved watching this particularly

Watch the women go! Willing to fight and stand up for the weak and for the country. God bless them.

  • Mohammad Mutiullah Tarar

    I love Lakhwiya. I am work in Lakhwiya. now i am in trainig. I am Pakistani. I love Qatar too.

  • Mrsaloo

    Hello Mutiullah, 
                              I now about the lakhwiya training. if u give me a cell fone number. then i am very thankfull 2 U. or what is required are there for join the lakhwiya ? 
    Salman khan 

  • Rashidmaaco

    Matiullah, Are they hiring now and hows the training 

  • Paki_executioner

     can you email me wht is required? and do u have to know how to speak arabic? im pakistani.


  • abid ali

    how i can join lakhwiya ..i m pakistani ,,and my birth in qatar,,,but having no visa right now .plz guide some one how i can join lakhwia

  • abid ali

    plz guide me how i can join lakhwiya

  • abid ali

    Mashaallah Allah pak ap ko bht rizk dy….
    yar plz guide me how i can join lakhwiya .meri birth qatar ki ha but i dont have visa .

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