Lexus Qatar still sucks

Time to use some strong words here… I… LOATHE… Lexus Qatar.

So I went to them to fix my front bumper and hand in some documents. They told me they’d order the bumper, spray it all up and then call me so they could do it on the spot. Wow! That’s pretty good!

So I called up the next day to see what was going on (it was a Monday). The man tells me “give it three days, you kow what, in three days it’s Thursday, just give us the weekend too and we’ll call you on Sunday”. Wtf? Fine, I’ll give you until Sunday. Sunday comes.. nothing… I call… I get the typical ‘tomorrow, the bumper hasn’t been sprayed yet’. Wtf? Next day comes and I get a call 15 minutes before they close telling me to bring the car in.

They’re in the INDUSTRIAL area. They must know there is no way that I can get to them in 15 minutes, not even if I was their NEIGHBOUR with all the traffic. So I drop it off the next day in the morning. I’m told it’ll be done the next day because they’re busy. No problem. Next day comes and it’s not ready. Second day. Nope. Third day and it is.

I go to pick it up. The guy stays after hours for me because of the traffic. I felt greatfull for that. When I get the car back. It’s not clean. I shrug it off since that’s the typical service you get from them. I open up my boot to see that my bags have been ruffled and the zippers are open. I see that my glove compartment has been messed about and some of my photos taken. My side box has been shuffled through and they’ve actually thrown my papers about.

I had nothing to steal.. no wait.. they did take 2 riyals and three packets of gum. I seriously have no clue as to why they would be stupid enough to shuffle through EVERYTHIGN and not put things back into place. It’s clear that they were actively searching it for stuff.

I tell the man handling it. He seems concerned but keeps repeating “That’s why we tell customers to take their stuff out the car.”. I reply with “That’s why you don’t hire theives and try to catch the rotten employees”.

He apologizes. I get into my car and drive off. Oh wait, I can’t! There’s 0 petrol in the car! Luckily there’s a petrol station near by. I floor it as my car starts to stutter. I throw it into neutral and glide into the petrol bay. Success.

Seems that Lexus also had a joy ride in my car.

Lexus Qatar? I hate you.

  • smile.chan

    Lexus Japan is great 🙂

  • Kei

    I’m sure it is 🙂 Please write a complaint letter to them 😛

  • sweet30

    Well I had to have my lexus booked in for 1000 km ‘free’ (oh wow!!!) check up but it ended up being such an awful experience I wondered why I even bothered bringing the car in. I sorely miss the elegant and professional service South Africa offers.

    Amongst sitting at Toyota for 45 minutes while they check the car (because they could not drop me off anywhere and I had no one to fetch me) and the fact that all the men just stare at you in a small office in which I was the only female, I was asked if I needed my car washed to which I replied, “if it will take any longer then NO!”

    I dont know what I will do at 5000km as I dread the arrival of that.

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