Idiots who think they’re right

Usually I’m a relaxed individual in certain situations, but today I’m fuming. After entering a round about, a blonde woman in her black Pajero, entered from the right while I was half way through. She was in the center lane and tried to turn left. Then she had the audacity of honking at me as if I was wrong!

I looked at the police man on the round about and made gestures as if to say ‘Look at her!’. At that point I rolled down the window and said “Are you blind? I was coming in from there and she just turned into me”. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders as if to say “Ah well, that’s life”. WTF?!

Now tell me, was I wrong?

  • tallg

    Nope, you’re right, and this is one of my biggest driving annoyances – people entering the roundabout before you’ve passed them.

    Even if she was planning to go straight on she should have waited, because the way a roundabout is supposed to work (but never does here) is that as you come round the roundabout you should drift outwards, into the lane she incorrectly occupied.

  • Kei

    thanks tallg. It’s comforting to know that someone agrees with me 😛

  • missvix

    Hey, of course you are right! It’s not even arguable. It happens to me every single day, too. I’ve given up even getting mad at all those idiots. Just accept it and drive with great caution! Take care!

  • Kei

    thanks for signing up to let me know that 🙂

    I do indeed relax most of the time, but it was just extra frustrating this time.

  • tallg

    Have you ever tried to inform a driver through the medium of hand gestures that they’ve entered the roundabout too early and as a result prevented you from drifting to the outside lane?

    I tried several variations but gave up after the 4th or 5th attempt as I was just getting strange looks as I tied my arms up in knots!

  • missvix

    Ha-ha! And I was thinking about using some big flash cards on my windows saying something like “GO BACK TO DRIVING SCHOOL” or “LEARN TO DRIVE, ASSHOLE” but also had to give up as it can only help me to end up in jail.

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