Qatar 2022 – World Cup Bid – GOOOOO Qatar!


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Qatar succeeded with the Asian Olympics. It’s to this day, many people talk about the cinematic experience they had as they viewed athletes from Asia, a tremendous rate of growth, and the unimaginable happen.

Qatar was on the map and wanted to prove to the world that anything was possible. So the country tried with the 2016 Olympics. Looking at the statistics comparing other bidding nations, Qatar was ranked quite high. Alas, 2016 wasn’t Qatar’s year.

The people and the country remained unwavered and there was a new sight on the horizon. The World Cup 2022.

Personally, I think Qatar can do it. In fact, it may be even better than winning the Olympics. Getting the World Cup means that there will be even more development in the country. Rather than one city, Qatar will have to work harder to develop various cities in Qatar. This means that things will kick into high gear.

What’s the purpose of the World Cup?

Well, I personally believe that it’s a way of getting nations together to battle it out in a friendly way, to test strengths, to inspire generations, and to bring the world together for those few moments as individuals of all colours, ages, and sexes, grip their chairs and show their love for their country (or even their favourite stars).

What better a way than to promote the gentleman’s sport. The country’s national sport. A Middle Eastern nation’s dream. Football.

So give us a chance World! Support Qatar 2022. This Qatari and will be eternal grateful.

So tell us! Why’s 2022 important to you?

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    Qatar 2022 – World Cup Bid – GOOOOO Qatar!
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