Making friends in Qatar

Making friends in Qatar can be difficult. Most people only make friends with people at work because it’s that hard. I just thought I’d share some quick pointers when it comes to making friends with Qataris.

Some people may not realize this, but the reason why Qataris don’t just chit chat with strangers usually, is because it’s out of respect. We believe in respecting personal boundaries (some are just shy despite the occasional serious look). However, many will find that once you kick start a conversation, it’ll be as if you’ve been friends for ages! I’d be surprised you didn’t end up BEING friends for ages.

Some people are naturally cautious though. In all honesty, there are many people who want to get to know you… for a short while… As I read from a post about a young boy who told a girl in his class [from one of my favourite blogs (Gaijin Smash)] “I’ll love you only for today”.

You’ll want to stay away from those types of people.

As for places to go to meet people. That’s a tough one that even I haven’t been able to answer. However if you’re looking for online communities, of course there’s ILQ’s forums as a start, then there’s QFriends. I’d recommend QFriends for people who want to participate in Language Exchanges, find PenPals, or just make friends from all over!

That’s the beauty of Qatar. It’s a melting pot of nationalities!

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  • BigBird

    Salam, I love Gaijin Smash (used to be on outpostnine). I actually got introduced to it in an odd sort of way but then started really enjoying it, in a horrific sort of way.

    As for the chit chat, you’re totally on the ball, we are not blowing people off, we are respecting their privacy. the concept of “personal space” to us extends way beyond 1 foot from your skin, to us it can extend to sometimes the entire room someone is in (eg. bachelors unilaterally moving tables once a family sits nearby).

    I do think it would be nice to meet up with some expats for some coffee, so I’ll leave it to you to arrange it! ( ^.^)/~/

  • Mr. Q

    It’s fun isn’t it??

    It’s awesome to see another fan of the blog. (Although I prefer the old design over the new ‘boring’ style).

    Inshallah we’ll arrange some other social days and we’ll see you come out with us.

    We have two, Souq Seekers and Pearl Divers. Although with work, I need to find a dedicated team of ILQers to help manage the social outings 😀

  • Ahmed Ali

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  • Nasser

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  • Miss.Q

    @Nasser if you would like to see girls, this website is not the right website for you. Or why don’t you be a member of Qfriends?

  • saif

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