Didn’t we already have an Eid this year?

Quite a few people asked me “Didn’t we already have an Eid?” and it dawned on me that this might be a good time to explain the two Eids (Eid means celebration) that we have a year. The first one happens right after Ramadan. It’s called Eid Al Fitr which is translated as the Celebration of Breaking Fast. It’s a national holiday, shops will usually decorate for Eid, and family and friends gather together. Everyone dresses up in their best clothes and the kids go out singing songs and getting Eidiya (candy or money).

The second Eid is Eid Al Adha. Translated, it means the Celebration of Sacrafice. It’s also known as the Big Eid. The reason why this is such an important Eid is because this is the one that began the construction of Kaaba (the Black Square in Mecca). This is celebrated in the same way as Eid Al Fitr.

Here’s an interesting fact, in Malta, Easter is called Eid. (I thought that was quite cool).

Anyway! There’s going to be some great festivities, especially at Katara! Between 7:30pm and 10pm you’ll be able to enjoy Fireworks, Dancing Fountains, a light show, and laser show! Be sure to take your family and friends 🙂

So, now that you know that we’ve got two Eids, here are other blog posts which you might be interested in 🙂

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Oh and remember, in Qatar, a typical greeting is ‘Eidkum Mubarak, wa asakum min awadah’. Would love to hear more people say it 🙂


Traditions of Eid from QTV – Qatari song 🙂

  • Malteser

    I’m from Malta and in Malta christmas is not called eid. Easter is called ghid… which is pronounced pretty much in the same way as eid.

  • Woops! You’re right that’s what I was told, I’ll fix that.

  • G

    And you still didn’t fix it.

  • I think you need to read the article again because it was fixed a long time ago. It was fixed from Christmas to Easter.

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