Big Fire in Villaggio

iLoveQatar received tweets, posts, and facebook messages about a fire in Villaggio. Follow @qatarnews and @dohanews on twitter. You can also visit the LIVE thread here: Breaking: Fire in Villaggio


Update: Video added by Muhammed Moslih

  • Revengfulgirl

    Ya Allah Khair! : (

  • I’m so sad 🙁

  • Esperanza_brenda

    i was planning to go to villagio in the morning but when i heard the news i was so surprised..

  • johara

    i am so so sad

  • M-mofleh


  • Leonardagbu

    wla ng tambayan ang mga pinoy….

  • vanpelo

    no more villaggio

  • ali

    انالله وانا اليه راجعون


    اللهم اغفرلهم  ورحمهم

  • Naja

    sad indeed, but there are so many ppl dying all over the world every second, from hunger, and disasters. Ppl dying in a fancy shopping mall, sure they havent been suffering for long before they died, like the poor african kids that has suffered most of their life. And to me t really makes no difference if it’s kids or adults dying…

  • Sebb

    How can make such a useless and insensitive comment????!!!!!

  • Avalle

    For your information, people ARE aware that many die every day. This is not only about “people dying in a fancy mall”. If you read the news most of them were children in a day care who died asphyxiated. Can  you imagine what it would be if this morning was the last time you saw your children alive and kissed them goodbye. and IT IS a difference if adults or children die…children are the future and the lights of their parent’s eyes. HAVE SOME HUMAN SENSE.

  • Amiudaya

    i am so sad.

  • Aoushfakhroo


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