2013 list of Qatar / Qatari bloggers

Qatar Bloggers

It’s about time I put this list together. It’s been tough finding people who still blog regularly. If you want to get added to this list, just leave a comment in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to add it. Want to add a description to your blog? Let me know too.

Vani Saraswathi (@vanish_forever)
The Life of Ummhttp://ummon.wordpress.com/

Kelly Johnstone (@kelly_johnstone)
Under the Doha Sunhttp://underthedohasun.wordpress.com/

Maria (@boulderhijabi)
Just another American hijabi out in the wilds of Qatar! Just trying to be controversial to spark discussion, something we could all use a little more of!! Peace and love always. (Her words not mine!)

Nat High (@nat_high)
Bright Lights, Little Cityhttp://littlecityblog.wordpress.com/
Love this guy’s blog (Even though I’m not on his blog roll!). Interesting observations around Doha.

Skeptic in Qatarhttp://qatarskeptic.blogspot.com/
Glen McKay moved to Qatar in 2006 and from around 2008 has been blogging about, everything really.

Flip Stewart (@Flip_stewart)
Flip Thinks – http://flipthinks.wordpress.com/
Good reads, but TERRIBLE theme! Change it!Hooray! She’s changed her theme!

Velvet (@velevetgarvey)
Must Love Dusthttp://www.mustlovedust.com/
I really like this blog. It’s designed well, categorized well, written well. The two sections which are quite unique to any site let alone blog are “Where can I find” and “Newbie Tuesdays”.

Christine Gerber Rutt (@justkookie1)
Just Kooki – http://justkooki.com/
Very nice person by the way, quite social on twitter. She talks about stuff that’s typically what the only community is buzzing about. Only thing that’s difficult about the blog is getting around. Needs better categorization.

In Dohahttp://indoha.wordpress.com/
Not only does this person go around an explore Doha but he/she (don’t know the person) takes some really nice photos.

Rizza Lana (@rizzalana)
My Demeanourhttp://rizzalana.blogspot.com/

Layla Al Siyabi (@LAS_Fashion)
Creative Nationhttp://creativenationgcc.wordpress.com/
Run by Omran and Layla Al Siyabi, an Omani couple living in Qatar.

Rachel C (@funkyblog)
The Funky Qatar Blog – http://funkyqatarblog.com
This blog can be a bit confusing at first. Is it a blog? Is it a portal? However, trust me when I say that it’s part of the experience. You know how when you find a drawer full of stuff and you start sifting through and find some awesome things you didn’t expect to? This is the blog equivalent.

Nailya Bentley (@scaryazeri)
Scary Azeri – http://scaryazeri.blogspot.com/
I first wondered what this person must look like due to the title. I then started to think of words that rhyme with Azeri (perhaps that was the best word). Anyway! This Azeri (that’s someone from Azerbaijan) talks about her life in general.

Qatari Bloggers (who blog in English):

Khawla (@kawkawii)
This is quite an unusual blog since it’s in both English and Arabic. About Food, Fashion and Hair

Myself (but I don’t need to list myself do I?)

That’s pretty much it, the ones that used to blog, stopped. Do you know any more?

Oh and if you’ve got a blog roll, don’t forget to add me to it 🙂

  • Michele La Morte-Shbat

    Michele Shbat

    Musings on Arab
    Culture – http://arabianmusings.wordpress.com/

    Relates intercultural
    experiences between the Arab world (including Qatar) and the west/U.S.

  • MOD

    I would like to inform you about my blog as well. Fashionand Gourmet.
    I am an expat living in Qatar and writing a handy guide and daily life with useful information, restaurant reviews, some DIY projects.


    Will wait for your comments.

  • flipthinks

    *casually changes theme.

  • Rachel C

    Hi there

    http://www.funkyqatarblog.com Is an interactive Blog and website open to all sorts of contributions and collaborations.

    Thanks! Rach 🙂

  • Rachel C

    Thankyou for the cool comments – wow! And for taking the time to put this amazing list together. Happy happy!

  • Doaa Jabir

    follow @hungrybirdsdoha for reviews on different restaurants in and around Doha.
    Doaa Jabir

  • Doaa Jabir

    Like this page and share with all your friends as well, don’t be worried about where to eat anymore! http://www.Facebook.com/hungrybirdsdoha
    Follow the blog
    Follow on Twitter: @hungrybirdsdoha
    Doaa Jabir

  • Social Butterfly

    Why do you think no one is blogging anymore? Are most bloggers transient, so have left? Or is it harder to make money blogging now so not as worth the time? Or has everyone moved on to something else, like twitter?

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  • Jaymmy

    check http://marmiteetponpon.com/ and share with me my culinary passion, love for arts, travel experience and some DIY.

  • Being Layla.A

    Hello there,

    Thank you for listing http://creativenationgcc.wordpress.com/ earlier when you created this list. Although we have stopped blogging there but I, Layla Al-Siyabi have moved over to http://www.laylaasgar.com http://www.facebook.com/Beinglayla.a and we are on youtube on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVlvhd6nZvsEbbGZ0xVRrw
    I blog about Family life, Fashion, Food and Fitness.
    Hope to see some of you subscribe and like my work so far.

  • Doha-based lifestyle blog. Check out http://www.lifewithkarlly.com
    We’re new and we talk about anything under the sun from food, hotels, to fashion and beauty.

  • Sarah

    Hi Everyone! The Award-Winning P.F. Chang’s Opens Its First Restaurant in Qatar

  • Lil Miss Bianca is part blog, part online guide that tackles fashion, beauty, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle—catering to trend-setting, fabulous little misses (ages 15–21). http://lilmissbianca.blogspot.com/

  • Amina

    http://www.anightindoha.wordpress.com Travel.Food.Lifestyle.Beauty blog 😀

  • Caroline Maina

    http://www.cleos-indulgence.com all abt interiors and fashion.

  • Natalie

    http://www.beautyglossips.wordpress.com for beauty lovers in Qatar. Great skincare blog

  • Dbyk

    kawkawii blog is not about what you said .. you should stick it back again

  • Dbyk

    http://eatsleepbefancy.com << i love her blog

  • Creativity With Kay
    http://www.creativitywithkay.com – All about Travel, Food, Beauty & Fashion

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Freedom of Expression

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Qatari Government is a signatory of states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medias and regardless of any frontiers.

    The Emiri Decision Number 86 of the year 2007 on the establishment of the Doha Free Information Centre marked yet another step towards establishing a State of rights and freedom of speech. The decision stipulated that the Centre be a non-profit organization, headquartered in Doha City, and have the authority to establish other affiliated centres inside and outside Qatar. It is worth mentioning that His Highness the Emir issued a decision in 1998 annulling the ministry of information, giving birth to a new era of freedom of speech where censorship was removed from local media.