ILQ Radio Demo – We need your feedback (you decide what to listen to)


So we came up with this idea of creating a radio station. Something that’s Online at the moment and something focused on entertainment. We wanted to create something that could compliment the awesome QF Radio and focus on the community too.

We’re in the middle of recording some shows and right now we’re testing the capabilities of the streaming server.

This is YOUR chance to let us know what you want to listen to, what type of programming, and basically decide on the whole schedule. We’ve got some of our own ideas but we really need your help. Right now we’ve got ‘The People’s hour’, Random Event Highlights, J/K Pop hour, Bite Size news from Doha News, Sarcastology, and a few other suggestions like a Health and Wellness Show.

So in the comments section below, can you please post what you think about the quality of the audio and ideas that you have?

We’ll be updating the demo with more content so consider this Demo Beta Alpha 3 😀

To make your life easy so you can tune in any time, just visit If you are on your iPhone, tap on ‘add to homescreen’. If you’re on an Android device, you can either visit the site OR download the app here (ILQ Radio APP).

Oh and help us out by tweeting and liking please. It takes a second of your time and will help us spread the word.

Thanks all!

– Mr. Q (Your friendly neighbourhood Qatari)

Click the link below to play ILQ Radio

  • Debbie Tingzon (강다연)

    Can you play something as a request or today’s test link is fixed?

  • Mhmoud Odah

    on the morning program for traffic flow to help to avoid crowded street

  • Ali

    It’s a great idea, hope u guys have more fun RJs than qbs. Just people that inspire and motivate, just fun vibe like 104.8 and Virgin Radio Dubai/Lebanon or MixFM in Lebanon., And some good music cuz seriously we listen to 94.00, since Oryx FM is the only station that plays good music!
    No news!
    Creative Ads.
    Hyper / Active RJs
    Announcements for Sales
    Tech show
    Comedy shows
    Pranks (may be)
    Audience Participation shows
    Mr. Q hour?
    Radio Game shows
    Lot of local bands are here, may be you can have them play live or have a show.

  • Geles

    I agree with Ali. People that inspire and motivate. When I lived in my country (my other country) I used to listen to programs related to the emotional intelligence. How to self motivate, how to manage our emotions, how to achieve good relationships, how to get our objectives… and how to be happy in life.

  • Melissa Espiloy

    cool to know

  • Debbie

    Today’s Kpop Hour was awesome! Some of the Kpop fans enjoyed the experience of being able to listen Kpop songs here in Qatar! Also, in the future, I hope the Kpop Hour could be solely for Kpop. It’ll be amazing too if we can send in requests too! AWESOME Job Mr. Q and the rest of the ILQ Radio team!

  • Debbie

    Can you play the following songs for tomorrow’s Kpop Hour?

    Exo – Growl
    Super Junior – Bonamana
    SNSD – The Boys
    After School – Shampoo
    2PM – Hands Up
    Tiger JK – Salja The Cure
    Leessang – Tears
    UKiss – Neverland

    THANK YOU! Looking forward for another Kpop Hour tomorrow! ^^,

  • Hala Qureshi

    can you play these for the next Kpop hour?
    UKISS- Standing Still
    SHINee- Everybody
    LED APPLE- Bad Boys
    Eric Nam- Heavens Door
    thank you! loving the show ^^

  • Kpop Qatar

    Hi! Can you play these Jpop and Kpop songs on the next line-up for the J/Kpop Hour?

    Perfume – Spring of Life
    Arashi – Love So Sweet
    Utada Hikaru – First Love
    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Pon Pon Pon
    Namie Amuro – Heaven
    Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift
    Kara – Mister (Japanese version)

    ZE:A – Ghost of the Wind
    2NE1 – I’m The Best
    Beast – Beautiful
    f(x) – Rum Pum Pum
    After School – Because Of You
    Exo – Don’t Go
    JYJ – In Heaven

  • Kajal

    What Doha needs is more energetic RJs and more interactions and keep the listeners glued. Also more new music to keep the school kids interested during rides to school and back.

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