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Qatar releases robot laborers!

Alright so they’re not transformers or anything but this is the first time I see these rather than a poor laborer waving a flag in the hot sun.

Comment! What do you think?

Sandstorms and Microdust – Stay Safe – PSA

It’s an extra dusty day toda and it’s also super windy. I thought I’d just write a quick blog so that people know what they should be doing in this kind of situation. I’ve just come back home (had to go to the hospital for a bad stomach) and it’s clear that most are being careful but there are still idiots that don’t seem to care about lives.

– Stay inside if you can. This dust is ultra fine and can get into your lungs.
– If you have Asthma, wear a mask!
– If you absolutely must go out, drive slow, switch on your foglights, and avoid the fast lane. Make sure you take extra care in signaling
– Don’t open any windows, they’ll blow off!
– If you’re walking outside, be extra vigilant, if you are near a building, be careful as things can fall off.

So stay safe 🙂 This’ll pass soon.



Near Rainbow Roundabout

Photo by Lili Tagud


Was probably driving too fast

Photo by @cabreraeh

Olympic Tower in Westbay – Panels fell off

Photo by @thenkencame

A panel that fell off

Photo by @thenkencame

Driving down Al Khor (oh and 998!)

Your friendly neighbourhood Qatari decides to go take a drive down Al Khor. (The potential for this place to be something amazing is HUGE).
While driving down and doing the usual Vlogging, I bring up a good point – 998!

Cheetahs in Qatar – Oh yes!

I thought I’d a start a new thing where I bring all the online bloggers, posters, tweeters, and tubers in Qatar together under one roof. I haven’t figured out a name for this yet so if you’ve got an idea for a catchy name, post in the comments below.

So I’ve been seeing loads of tweets about this guy who has a Cheetah and decided to do a bit of digging around to see what I could find.

@shivasingh first tweeted: Dudes got a cheetah in his car!! #WTF #awesome and shared this picture.

I assumed it was probably just some Bedouinne guy who decided that he wanted his own cheetah. Maybe he wanted to take a nude self portrait of himself sitting on a bear skin carpet in front of the fireplace while stroking a cheetah, I really don’t know.

Then @rachelannmorris tweets a couple of photos of her own a week later. and

So is this just some stuffed cheetah and some guy’s ingenious method of getting people’s attention and then offering them massages? If so, that person has taking viral marketing to a whole new level.

Turns out though that there are loads of people with Cheetahs!

One tourist(?) and ‘Elite cyclist’ who races for Team Garmin, named Steven Cozza was visiting Qatar way back in February and blogged:

“Its just been one great adventure already. Just five minutes after leaving the hotel parking lot, I sensed something was looking at me. I turned to my left and there, sticking its head out of an SUV like a dog, was a full-grown cheetah. I was so excited because a cheetah is my favorite animal and here it was, just inches from my face. I was so bummed I didn’t have my camera.” A cheetah Drive by

On youtube, anasthvega, posted a video of one at a petrol station in some guys patrol.

On the 17th of July, the Peninsula posts this Cool Ride for Big Cat. Cheetah’s aren’t riding in cars anymore, they’re now on freaking jetboats! I don’t know why but I’m now thinking of a Saturday Night Live song called “I’m on a boat”

Now I have a few obvious questions…. 1) Do they bite? 2) Where can I get one?!

Well…. the Gulf Times posts that there are people breeding cheetahs since they’re becoming popular pets! Gulf-Time’s article via ILQ So I guess it means that you CAN go out and buy one… hmm…

In all seriousness though, this can’t be safe or legal right (in Qatar of course, as we’re aware that CITES says they’re endangered)?

I’ll leave you guys with a photo that Jasmir123 posted on Photobucket. Thundercats Go!

Beautiful Rare Jaguar XJ220 left to die!

I was surprised today. While visiting one of my favourite sites , I saw the word ‘Qatar’. Yay, we’ve got a mention I thought. Sadly, it made me lower my head in shame.

Someone left their beautiful XJ220 to die. Autoblog got the article from (article here), and by the looks of the photos, it looks like it’s a write-off in the Industrial area. For those that don’t know, the Industrial area is the equivelant of the rusty ship from the movie Waterworld. It’s a dump.

If I find this car, I’m going to chase down the owner and ask to buy it since he has no need for it. (Hopefully it can be restored!)

Speeding police (not on duty)

Yesterday was an usual day. While driving from the underpass that leads onto Rainbow roundabout, a car came speeding behind me (I was already going 87 and at the rate he was going I had decided to accelerate to move to the right).

I hit 100 and he was still coming up behind me. By now I could see it was some tiny hatch-back. He got so close to me (bumper to bumper) that I breaked to get him to back off. When he did, I moved over to the right hand lane and looked into his car.

He was a police man. In fact, he looked like a traffic police man. ‘Oh reeeeeeaally?’ I thought. So I opened my window and he did too (we were both driving around 60 now and talking).

‘What do you think you’re doing putting my life at risk?’

‘What?’ he says.

‘Why are you speeding! It’s dangerous.’, I scream back.

‘YOU were speeding’, he replies. It’s obvious he’s trying to cover himself now.

‘Only to avoid being rammed into by you!’

He grins and by then I take it he’s just another idiot on the road, (except sadly he’s also shaming his uniform), so I raise the window and he shoots off.


update: just to be clear, this road was an 80km road and the person coming up behind me had just passed a camera.

Celebrate Bahrain Grand Prix

Well guys, it’s Grand Prix time! And since I’m quite sad that I’m not in Bahrain (to enjoy my favourite dinner and shisha place called Don Vito), the closest thing I have is the fact that I can call Bahrain for a great rate.

Wow! What a segway there! Anyway, I was just told that calling Bahrain on Vodafone for the Grand Prix costs QR 0.69  per minute (so that’s the 12th to the 14th).

New Speed Cameras installed in Qatar (Mr. Q’s concept becomes reality!)

Well I’m kind of excited! I had written a concept about a new type of speed camera two years ago and it seems like it’s now become a reality. Although the current cameras are a bit different in functionality they acheive the same goal.

In short, my concept was that there would be a speed camera that would tag a car that passed by with an unique identifier. When passing the second speed camera, it would calculate how long it took the car to reach it and calculate the average speed. If the car passed the second camera’s checkpoint too quickly, then you would be fined.

Pros: You can’t slow down at the camera then speed up, you have to follow the speed limit.

Cons: The only way to escape is to be a mathematician. If the limit is 80km, and you drove up to 100km for 50 meters and then slowed down to 60 for 50 meters then you’d be safe. (People who speed aren’t geniuses though right?)

Here’s a picture of the new camera and here’s their explanation of how it works

New Traffic Cameras Qatar are not just nice looking – they are intelligent technology.

First thing is that these cameras do NOT flash. They can take photos in complete darkness through ultra-light sensors, so even if it does not flash, it could have caught you. They also automatically read your number plate from the picture taken.

Now, here comes the catch. These cameras are continuous photo-taking cameras and they will take your photo regardless if you have been speeding or not. Then the next camera in 3-5 kms again does the same. Now, instead of checking your speed through advanced radars, these cameras are very simple and all they do is calculate how fast you traveled between the 2 cameras. If you arrived at the next camera faster than 120 km/h (or whatever the speed limit is) then you get fined.

What does this mean?
It means that you can stop speeding up between cameras and slowing down as it does not matter anymore. If you are speeding in between 2 cameras you will get fined.

Bump and Crash

I can’t believe that I saw this yesterday. While on the way to Villaggio on Al Waab street, this small old car goes from the right lane (lane 3) to the left lane (lane 1) without indicating and cutting a car off. (I thought it was funny how we were the ONLY 3 cars on the road and that guy still almost caused an accident.).

What happened next was a shocker. The guy that the indian guy cut off was in a jeep and it looked like he was pretty pissed off because he over-took the car and then tried to ‘slice him’ (Slicing is when you turn onto another car as close as possible with the intention of scaring the other individual and is usually done to teach someone a ‘lesson’.)

The jeep mis-judged it seems (or this could be intentional) and smashed the tiny car causing him to fly onto the side-walk. The jeep kept going but then slowed down to park on the emergency lane. As I passed I looked into the car to see it looked like a Shami family. A male driver, a woman in the passenger seat and two people in the back.

So I memorized his plate and called the police to let them know what I just saw. (I wanted to explain what I saw before one or the other lied about it.)

Talk about serious road-rage! As I arrived at the mall, I kind of empathized with the Jeep. I myself am sick and tired of people not indicating and almost crashing into me. (The day before I had called Karwa to let them know that one of their taxis almost crashed me on a round-about and then was unapologetic about it AND he had a passenger!)

On the other hand, of course crashing another person intentionally isn’t acceptable at all!

Al Anabi making us proud!


MT told me about Al Anabi team just a few days ago and what a coincidence that I find this picture. Apparantly these guys have been streaking their way to the top of the Drag Racing and Funny Car scene. These guys chased their dreams and acheived this all on a tight budget when they started. A quarter of what the professionals spent.

Respect to these guys, it’s fantastic to see that Qatar is representing in the US!

Click below for more pictures Read the rest of this entry »

Freedom of Expression

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Qatari Government is a signatory of states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medias and regardless of any frontiers.

    The Emiri Decision Number 86 of the year 2007 on the establishment of the Doha Free Information Centre marked yet another step towards establishing a State of rights and freedom of speech. The decision stipulated that the Centre be a non-profit organization, headquartered in Doha City, and have the authority to establish other affiliated centres inside and outside Qatar. It is worth mentioning that His Highness the Emir issued a decision in 1998 annulling the ministry of information, giving birth to a new era of freedom of speech where censorship was removed from local media.