The 2013 list of Qatar’s best burgers

I’ve been wanting to put this together for a while now. Due to the nature of some followers though, let me just say this. I do NOT control your stomach. I’m posting this list of what I think are the best burgers in Qatar because I love burgers. I’m not telling people to eat burgers, this country is fat enough as it is. I’m just saying that if you WERE going to eat a burger, you might as well make the calories worth it.

Also, while this list is sort of in order of most favourite to least favourite, I’m not quite sure I can pick a #1 because these burgers aren’t directly comparable. What do I mean? Well, some burgers are just delicious meals to fill your stomach, some are more of an experience. Do you have your own favourite burger place? Comment in the comment section below!


Prime Rib Burger
Kempinski – Westbay

This burger, as I was told by the manager, takes a day to prepare since they grind it, marinate it, and then mix in some secret ingredients (I’m thinking a bit of flour and egg?).

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘the meat melts in your mouth’? It’s not an expression anymore. This burger WILL melt in your mouth. Stay away from their fries though. They aren’t that great and are super salty.


Garlic Burger
Butcher Shop and Grill – Villaggio

Alright, here’s what you do. You rock up into the Butcher Shop, grab one of the cushy chairs (trust me, you’ll need it), and order a Garlic Burger (I like mine well done) and ask for a slice of cheese. Then for the side, ask for their steak chips and if you’re a sauce lover, order ALL their sauces. If you don’t want to go crazy and sample all the sauces then order a Garlic Sauce, Peppercorn Sauce, and Cheddar Sauce. Now you’ve got some sauces for your burger and to dip your chips in. Mmmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking of it.


Shack Burger
Shake Shack – Villaggio

This is probably the only burger that I crave for now and then. I literally feel, “I need a Shack burger!”. I’ll mention this up front, sometimes they have bad days and the burger comes out greasier than usual, but they’re more than happy to make you a new one! I love the fresh tomato, fresh lettuce, their special sauce, and how their meat is so juicy. My order? A double shack burger (extra cheese if I’m feeling the need to increase my dairy intake), well done, and some cheese fries. If you do order the cheese fries, ask for the cheese to be on the side so that you have something to dip into rather than ending up with soggy chips. Oh did I mention I love cheese? Watch out though, they try their best to push you to buy ice cream… Delicious burger goodness only please.


Wagyu Market Burger
The Market ย (W Hotel) – Westbay

Now this is a tough one, because now and then The Market change their burger completely. So far, they haven’t let me down. Let me describe this burger to you. They’re generous with the meat (Australian Wagyu beef by the way), add some caramelised onions, a BBQ like sauce, and a slap of cheese. There’s other stuff on it too like tomato and rocket and stuff, but you’re here to read about the meat. Are you the type of person who likes his/her meat medium well? These guys understand where you’re coming from. Oh their fries are delicious too because they are infused with truffle!

Oh want a bargain? Go down to The Market for their lunch time special (think it was 99 QR). I order their Tomato Soup with Sour Dough bread, The Market Cheese Burger (which comes with russian dressing sauce and crispy onions), and mix it up for desert.


Rocket Single
Johnny Rockets – Multiple Locations

Their burger is just a good old fashioned burger. They’ve got their own special sauce, have a ring of onion in it (sometimes too much onion), a nice big slice of tomato, and lettuce. I love how they slightly toast the bun too. They’ve recently launched a Wagyu version of their typical burgers, but trust me, it’s not worth it. I don’t taste the difference. The only thing different is that you’re a few riyals lighter. Since you’re there though, try out their bowl of chili. In my opinion, it’s the best chili in Qatar. Watch out though, sometimes they don’t have the original chili and try and replace it with their ‘home made’ version, so always ask up front.



Hot Rocks
Fuddruckers – Khalifa Stadium

You’re now saying, “Khalifa…. are you serious? Fuddruckers?”, to which I reply, “Why yes Maam-sir I am!” They have very good burgers. Great value burgers in fact. There are two things to mention here. 1- Try their their Hot Rocks burger. The meat is moist, have delicious chipotle bbq sauce, crispy bits of bacon and pepper jack cheese, they’re generous with all the toppings and you can have as much salad as you like 2- If you’re adventurous, they’ve got a 1 POUNDER. Yes! The burger is as big as a baby’s head. It’s huge. Think you can handle it?



Salmon Burger
W Cafe (W hotel) – Westbay

Now I’m not really a salmon lover, but ermahgerd, sermern berger! You have to try it! It’s soft but doesn’t fall apart, it’s delicious but with no guilt attached. Order it with a side of Salad, and you’re good to go. Hey wait… I didn’t mean go now….

On a side note to any potential restaurant owners reading this. WELL DONE, does NOT mean burned. Well done means that the meat should be brown (no pink). You can still have a well done but juicy burger! Just saying.

I’ll be updating this list as and when I discover delicious burgers worthy of the title.


Other notable burgers (because the community sent these in) are:
Elevation burger (It didn’t make my list because the fries are drenched in oil, went three times and twice my order was wrong, and the place just smells like grease. The burger is good, but too oily).
K108 (This place has a nice burger (which I think is not on the menu) but I’ve been a few times. Once the burger was great, the other time it was over cooked and chewy)
Burgerry (This is a new joint and I’ve only been once. In terms of value, I feel it’s over priced. A small bottle of coke is 10 QR! The burger I received was burned BLACK, I didn’t get an apology and the second burger seemed under cooked and soggy. Happy to give them another try.)
Just Burger (Went twice, first time the burger tasted dry and was pink even though I asked for well done. Second time we had to sit outside because their ventilation was not working and the place was smokey. This time the burger was oily but still pink inside).
Hardees Angus Burger (Honestly? I love it. It’s a good fast food burger, but not one that I crave for)


Want me to come and try your burger? Confident that you’ll be added to the list? Send me an invite to contact – at – (replace – at – with @) If you are offering a complimentary burger, then I’ll need a voucher because I’ll only go if you don’t know when I’m coming to make it fair ๐Ÿ™‚

2013 list of Qatar / Qatari bloggers

Qatar Bloggers

It’s about time I put this list together. It’s been tough finding people who still blog regularly. If you want to get added to this list, just leave a comment in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to add it. Want to add a description to your blog? Let me know too.

Vani Saraswathi (@vanish_forever)
The Life of Umm

Kelly Johnstone (@kelly_johnstone)
Under the Doha Sun

Maria (@boulderhijabi)
Just another American hijabi out in the wilds of Qatar! Just trying to be controversial to spark discussion, something we could all use a little more of!! Peace and love always. (Her words not mine!)

Nat High (@nat_high)
Bright Lights, Little City
Love this guy’s blog (Even though I’m not on his blog roll!). Interesting observations around Doha.

Skeptic in Qatar
Glen McKay moved to Qatar in 2006 and from around 2008 has been blogging about, everything really.

Flip Stewart (@Flip_stewart)
Flip Thinks –
Good reads, but TERRIBLE theme! Change it!Hooray! She’s changed her theme!

Velvet (@velevetgarvey)
Must Love Dust
I really like this blog. It’s designed well, categorized well, written well. The two sections which are quite unique to any site let alone blog are “Where can I find” and “Newbie Tuesdays”.

Christine Gerber Rutt (@justkookie1)
Just Kookiย –
Very nice person by the way, quite social on twitter. She talks about stuff that’s typically what the only community is buzzing about. Only thing that’s difficult about the blog is getting around. Needs better categorization.

In Doha
Not only does this person go around an explore Doha but he/she (don’t know the person) takes some really nice photos.

Rizza Lana (@rizzalana)
My Demeanour

Layla Al Siyabi (@LAS_Fashion)
Creative Nation
Run by Omran and Layla Al Siyabi, an Omani couple living in Qatar.

Rachel C (@funkyblog)
The Funky Qatar Blogย –
This blog can be a bit confusing at first. Is it a blog? Is it a portal? However, trust me when I say that it’s part of the experience. You know how when you find a drawer full of stuff and you start sifting through and find some awesome things you didn’t expect to? This is the blog equivalent.

Nailya Bentleyย (@scaryazeri)
Scary Azeriย –ย
I first wondered what this person must look like due to the title. I then started to think of words that rhyme with Azeri (perhaps that was the best word). Anyway! This Azeri (that’s someone from Azerbaijan) talks about her life in general.

Qatari Bloggers (who blog in English):

Khawla (@kawkawii)
This is quite an unusual blog since it’s in both English and Arabic. About Food, Fashion and Hair

Myself (but I don’t need to list myself do I?)

That’s pretty much it, the ones that used to blog, stopped. Do you know any more?

Oh and if you’ve got a blog roll, don’t forget to add me to it ๐Ÿ™‚

Qatar National Day 2010 is coming!!

I’m sure that this national day is going to be a big one! With us winnning the 2022 World Cup as hosts, Qatar will probably want to show how awesome it can be.
Be warned though, if you are anywhere near the corniche, you’ll be stuck for a good couple of hours as people drive down on packed lanes, dancing, cheering, and waving flags.

Usually the westbay area has huge led screens showing different shows and arab celebrities (for those stuck in traffic and unable to watch the show on tv), trees are lit up with in themed colors (last year was purple and yellow), signs drip with led lights, banners and flags are waved all over the place and people parading to enjoy the festivities.

Around 6pm is when you should get on the corniche. That’s where you can see the sound and light show and enjoy the fireworks display. If you are lucky, you’ll also be able to get a table at Al Mourjan and enjoy some delicious food, desert, and if you’re partial to it, have some sheesha.

It’s going to be cold as usual, so make sure you come wearing a jacket. Last year was so amazingly cold and since the corniche is by the sea, I can assure you that you’ll regret not bringing something warm to wear.

So if you’re looking for a great guide to the events around Qatar (not just the official ones), visit You’ll find a bit of information about the history of Qatar, various events, some downloads, and you’ll also find some funny videos made by Qatar’s first Qatari comedian (and ILQ Ambassador), Mohammed Kamal! Thanks to Vodafone for helping ILQ put all this together. (To other companies, if you’re willing to partner up with ILQ and help us do other awesome stuff, please drop me a line!!)

Don’t forget to sign up to the ILQ newsletter. Registration on the site!

ILQ’s list recommended Tweeters :)

I thought I’d make a list of tweeters to follow. Now this list is based on people’s tweets that I enjoy reading and I find useful. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s important to follow people that you enjoy following and dont spam your feed with either garbage or repeat posts. I’m going to go ahead and divide them by category too.


@expatcookie – Fun tweeter

@sknox40 – Fun tweeter

@qatarvisitor – Posts some great articles.


@qatarnews – A news aggregator that collects news from many different sources on everything related to Qatar. Including The Pen, GT, Arabian Business, BBC, etc…

@dohanews – Not only does Dohanews post Qatar related news, but I enjoy reading interesting chit chat and its not all Press releases!

@peninsulaqatar – The Peninsula Newspaper’s twiter


@qatarevents – Your daily fix on events happening in Qatar

@qatarhappening – Qatar Happening magazine’s twitter feed. They cover a lot of dining events.


@hndqtr – Qatar’s first female Comedian

@nazqatar – Just enjoy reading his tweets from time to time

@osamaalassiry – A fellow Qatari geek

@iloveqatar – that’s me!

@nawafalthani – Always finding out some cool Qatar news from this guy

@roosnamla – A Qatari sports nut. He knows where the best sporting spots are

@ahmedalbaker – A Qatari movie producer that’s working on Qatar’s first 3D movie!


@dohafilm – The Doha Film Institute’s twitter channel. DFI is the company responsible for the Tribeca Film Festival too.

@greatdohafind – The idea is that this person tweets ‘gems’ that he finds around Qatar.

Sorry if I’ve left you out. This is off the top of my head right now.

Want to get on the list? Leave a message in the comment section below!

Mr. Q’s list of people who should be deported

Oh no he di’int. (Think of a woman named Laquisha saying that). I decided that since people seem to be under the impression that Qatari’s have a magical iPhone application that enables us to deport people with the touch of a button, then I might as well create a list of people that I wish I really could deport.

1) The guy in the right lane who decides to not just turn left at a round about, but also attempt a U-Turn. You know who you are Mr. crappy pick up truck or busted up Honda Civic.

2) The guy who says ‘next week’. You know the guy. He works in a small store, and when you walk in and ask if he’s got something, he says ‘Next week’, when he KNOWS he’s not getting them in next week. He just wants you to come by the store again. That’s like the equivelant of night clubs in the UK that build up a cue outside, even though nobody is inside!

3) Crappy customer care agents. Who promise to call you back soon and don’t. No I don’t mean they don’t call back soon. They never call back…. Never.

4) That guy who stares so hard that he either might have constipation OR thinks he’s superman and is trying to shoot lazer beams out of his eyes. Yeah Yeah, we live in a society where there is a 3/1 ratio of men to women, but common!! These dudes don’t just stare down women, they stare down everyone! I feel naked when they look at me ๐Ÿ™

5) All those people who never smile or say thank you when you hold the door open for them. Although it was my life long dream to be a door opener, I never graduated from door opening school, so I never got the job… I open doors for free now. Well maybe not for free payment is a smile or thanks!

6) Lazy Traffic police. I think they didn’t get the memo. Traffic police aren’t supposed to CAUSE traffic. Why is that there’s always a super build up of traffic at a round about?

7) Roundabouts. While I’m dreaming. Let’s deport roundabouts. Bring over underpasses and bridges to keep traffic FLOWING.

8) Both insensitive and sensitive people when it comes to religion. Can’t handle people wearing a bikini at a beach? Don’t go to that beach. Think it’s funny that some people cover up a lot when they go to the beach? Then… *sighs*….

9) Guys with pointy shoes. You definately know who I’m talking about. They usually wear tight shirts, have greasy hair, and pointy shoes. Looking like you came straight out of Saturday Night Fever is NOT going to come back into fashion! Women like men that are clean and look fresh. Plus you might poke someone’s eye out with those shoes!

So who do YOU think should be deported?

Qatar National Day 2009 Events List

Well we’re busy running around and creating a great events list. We’ll have a great little suprise for everyone soon.

More importantly, ILQ and Vodafone have teamed up for a fantastic event at Aspire park. There’ll also be details released very soon.

So get ready to have a fantastic National Day!

More here

UPDATE! This site is ready! It has a complete list of events for what’s happening, including ILQ and VF’s own event at Aspire! I’ll cover more of that tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚


Qatar Souvenir / Gift Ideas


Sometimes I get asked about what a good souvenir is to take back home, or what would be a good gift to give people that’s from Qatar, so now here’s a little list ๐Ÿ™‚

Click here for Qatar Souvenir Ideas

Qatarisation: Trying


You’d think that with all this talk of Qatarisation, things would be a bit easier.
We’re in the process of highering a secretary in the office (not ILQ but my day job office). So we started to search for Qatari secretaries.

We needed an Arabic and English speaker, we thought that we’d want to help Qataris searching for jobs, and that we’d be helping the system.

So we knew that the Ministry of Labour had a list of Qataris searching for jobs. We went to in order to get the number (side note, the English section is under construction and it’s probably going to remain that way for a couple of years).

How can the english side not be up yet? There should at least be a basic page so that foreigners can also search for Qataris to hire, especially if it’s a rule now.

You’ll finally get the following number 4841111. Give it a call. If you get an answer, you’ll win… win….. satisfaction. The type of satisfaction that comes with a hint of shock

We called for three days and nobody answered. How can we help Qataris if nobody answers? Why isn’t the database of employees searching for jobs accessible online?

So my colleague decides to head off to the Ministry and speak to someone. He meets someone in an office who promises to email us the list.

After receiving a list of graduates and non-graduates we go through it systematically.

I’ve now read every unusual (yes I heard some names I’ve never heard of before) name and heard every exception in the book.

– I want to wear the niqab in the office (against policy)
– I want my own office (you’re going to be a secretary..)
– I want a higher salary (do a good job first!)
– I don’t want to be in a mixed office (we live in a mixed world)
– I don’t like your company (fair enough… but if you’re on a government job site should you be so picky?)

The list goes on! We finally find TWO out of 100 people that seem suitable, ask for their cvs, they sound happy, and they send nothing…

As usual everything is messed up. From the institutions to the inviduals the institutions are trying to help.

side note: for those that can’t read the ‘about’ section or couldn’t have guessed by the title of the blog. I’m Qatari.

Freedom of Expression

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Qatari Government is a signatory of states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medias and regardless of any frontiers.

    The Emiri Decision Number 86 of the year 2007 on the establishment of the Doha Free Information Centre marked yet another step towards establishing a State of rights and freedom of speech. The decision stipulated that the Centre be a non-profit organization, headquartered in Doha City, and have the authority to establish other affiliated centres inside and outside Qatar. It is worth mentioning that His Highness the Emir issued a decision in 1998 annulling the ministry of information, giving birth to a new era of freedom of speech where censorship was removed from local media.