Breaking: Qatar Foundation Social Account hijacked (and how it could have been avoided)

(Please do share this! Let’s get people to be smarter about protecting their accounts online).

Here’s some breaking news thanks to the online community that covered this quite well and quite fast.

Qatar Foundation’s social media accounts have been ‘hacked’. People have been saying that it’s Assad Supporters Syrian Electronic Army. No they’re not a professional organization, it’s just some people trying to make themselves sound bigger than they really are.
You want to know what I think? No this isn’t the result of a ‘hacking’ attempt (because then the headline would be ‘twitter’ hacked, not QF), but more probably (and realistically) the result of poor password protection. (I’ll come onto that in a second, but let’s see what the community said).

First off, shout outs to @nasnas_here , @DJLedz, @dohadelivery, @mufyd_me , @teampistonbroke , @YasserM86, and Khalil, for bringing this to our attention and sending us images too.

At around 10:30AM on the 1st of March tweets started coming in that the Qatar Foundation twitter account was tweeting ‘anti-Qatar’ posts. Of course the online community, being mostly comprised of Read the rest of this entry »

Events, Happenings, and Awesomeness in Qatar (We’re on Radio too!)

One of the most popular sections of is our events listings and we’ve been growing! In fact, we’ve listed over 1,000 events to date! That means that since the site started, we’ve listed enough events to keep you occupied every single day! You can visit our event section here: (btw you can post your own events there) and soon the link will change to

We then decided to launch a twitter channel called @Qatarevents which has been keeping everyone on twitter in the know. We’ve got thousands of visitors too!

Next up was a monthly newsletter. Some of you might know it by now. It’s called ‘The Buzz’. We figured that some people might want a monthly dose of what’s going on, articles, hot topics, and fun stuff rather than daily info. (I recommend signing up to it of course, I think it’s pretty cool.)

Now although people visit our ILQ facebook page for an awesome community, we thought that some people may JUST want an events feed on Facebook too, so we just recently launched Qatar Events on Facebook.

So we took a breather, took a sip of our gahwa (that’s Arabic for coffee btw), looked around the room and then felt like we hadn’t done enough. So we started working on the new events section. We wanted it to look simple, be easy to search, and easy to submit events too. So we came up with this! (See the two screenshots). We like it, and we’re sure you’ll like it too. It’s going to go live VERY soon and what’s better is that you can sign in with Twitter and Facebook if you want to leave a comment or ‘favourite’ your events.

It’s great to know that our hard work was appreciated because we’ve now got a regular spot every Thursday at 6pm with @FinnertyLaura on her show. Tune in and you’ll hear about the upcoming events for the weekend and the next 7 days.  You’ll be able to hear either myself Khalifa (a.k.a Mr. Q), Bassam, or Zhan!

It’s easier than ever to tune into QF Radio. Got an iPhone? Download their app here. On a computer? Visit their site here for a live stream. In your car, then tune into 93.7 FM

Anyway! If you’ve got an event, please do share it with us by emailing [email protected]

It’s twitter time! Three ILQ channels.

Sometimes it gets difficult following all these different sites. So to make life simpler for you Twitter users, all you need to do is follow one of these three twitter accounts that have been specially set up!

Looking for straight up ILQ stuff and some of my own tweets? Follow @iloveqatar

Looking for Qatar related news? Follow @qatarnews

Looking for the latest events in Qatar? Follow @qatarevents


The People’s Tweets – ‘Best Customer Service’

So I asked a simple question on twitter yesterday. I asked people to name ONE place that stands out in their minds where they got great customer services in Qatar. Some interesting results. Some I didn’t expect myself. Without further adue I present all the responses! (In no particular order!)

Nissan – Infiniti division – @iknw101

TableArts – @Shanti_eka

Grandhyatt – @haniarif

The Ritz – @bradycreel

Ritz @expatcookie

FFC @vanish_forever

Sushi Minto @jmugford

Vodafone Landmark – @_maricala

Khan Farooq – @theesal

VLCC @cameliacesin

GlowSalonDoha – @jodygryan

WafiGourmet – @halawala

Café Tasse – @abuarja7

W Doha – @MaryH_K

Jumbo – @rainydoha

BMW – @shivasingh

W Doha – @sweetymathewB

Yoko Sizzlers – @Qatarday

Carluccios – @dohaben

Woqod near the Mall – @jibbersindoha

What Qatar Loves…

I decided to ask a question on Twitter and Facebook. A simple request. Tell me ONE thing that you love, anything random. (It’s fun to read people’s responses! Go ahead and leave your own response in the comments section below!)

Let’s see what people in Qatar said!


@Tal7a Car
@expatwifeinq my children
@keyalimayaga I love the absolute sound of music. ♥
@ExpatCookie I love ‘Family’ 🙂
@jaynieltorres i love dancing!
@b_noticeable the sea, Turkey Central, putting Xmas tree with my family, to write, yoga, red wine, different lands and cultures…oh, 1 thing?
@xtian001 i love my wife and daughter!
@Halawala I love airplane spotting and seeing construction of airports and infrastructure 😀
@fahadjuma I love Wisdom !!
@RamiJamal I love peace of mind.
@haniarif I love Pakistani Music
@a77med I love Qatar2022
@WesamSaid I love beaches
@TheRealNoof I love surprises.
@shadowqtr i love the rain
@bilaltaha I love Qatar
@roosnamla I love anything that involves salty water and a sandy beach


(removed last names to respect privacy 🙂 ):

Majd i love qatar…

DeEtte I love good food, good wine, and good friends 🙂

Mike I’d love a t-shirt of the upcoming Qatar Metro Network.

Alberto i love women ; p

Harris … not all people can love flipflops so it’s cool..

Ma I love my angels

Buhay I love the speech that you made in Refresh Qatar meetup because you mention our name there

Susie I love Jonathan 🙂

Arwah I love me

Roxanne I love open minds and acceptance to change.

Burhan I love my wife and kids.

Bassam I love a certain someone……(not u Khalifa) :p

FranCis i Love poetry


Suzanne I love life

Shake.ah I love that when you pay it forward someone gets a helping hand.

Lynn I love all my family…

Geninna I love not having to wake up to the sound of my alarm 🙂

Abdulla I like aston martin dbs

Jan the thing I love 3rd most (to avoid duplication): I love to travel

Bald Manchester United :o)


Judy the sound of the ocean when you wake up at the beach…

ILQ’s list recommended Tweeters :)

I thought I’d make a list of tweeters to follow. Now this list is based on people’s tweets that I enjoy reading and I find useful. 🙂 It’s important to follow people that you enjoy following and dont spam your feed with either garbage or repeat posts. I’m going to go ahead and divide them by category too.


@expatcookie – Fun tweeter

@sknox40 – Fun tweeter

@qatarvisitor – Posts some great articles.


@qatarnews – A news aggregator that collects news from many different sources on everything related to Qatar. Including The Pen, GT, Arabian Business, BBC, etc…

@dohanews – Not only does Dohanews post Qatar related news, but I enjoy reading interesting chit chat and its not all Press releases!

@peninsulaqatar – The Peninsula Newspaper’s twiter


@qatarevents – Your daily fix on events happening in Qatar

@qatarhappening – Qatar Happening magazine’s twitter feed. They cover a lot of dining events.


@hndqtr – Qatar’s first female Comedian

@nazqatar – Just enjoy reading his tweets from time to time

@osamaalassiry – A fellow Qatari geek

@iloveqatar – that’s me!

@nawafalthani – Always finding out some cool Qatar news from this guy

@roosnamla – A Qatari sports nut. He knows where the best sporting spots are

@ahmedalbaker – A Qatari movie producer that’s working on Qatar’s first 3D movie!


@dohafilm – The Doha Film Institute’s twitter channel. DFI is the company responsible for the Tribeca Film Festival too.

@greatdohafind – The idea is that this person tweets ‘gems’ that he finds around Qatar.

Sorry if I’ve left you out. This is off the top of my head right now.

Want to get on the list? Leave a message in the comment section below!

How to use ILQ’s NEW toolbar

Here’s a quick explanation of the new toolbar that’s been added to ILQ!

Blog update

With all the updates going on at ILQ, I thought it was about time we tweaked the blog a bit.

On the right hand side, you’ll now notice a few changes. 1) There’s a tag cloud so you can find the most common tagged terms, there’s my twitter feed, and there’s the Qatar Events twitter feed.

For those who don’t know there are a few great ILQ powered Twitter channels.

QatarEvents –

It’s updated with the latest events and happenings in Qatar.

QatarNews –

Grab important news from a variety of sources related to Qatar.

Serena Williams not being very nice..

Our friends over at Qatar Visitor made an interesting post about Serena Williams.
Apparantly when she arrived at Doha Airport, she tweeted “Does anyone know where Doha is?”

The question is, ‘Is that a nice thing to say about the country that’s hosting you?”

Read more here

Twitt it!

So now that it’s a brand new year, I’m woken up yet again to the fact that although I’m moving at light speed, it’s still not fast enough.

ILQ’s going to go through some amazing changes and all of which are aimed at making life in Qatar much better!

With the establishment of a fresh perspective and the inclusion of some dedicated people, I’m confident that we’ll be able to be an entertaining and life changing resource.

For now, here’s a little update for you all. Thanks to Qatar Guest from QatarVisitor (which I can honestly say is one of the good ones), I was invited back onto the twitter scene.

Why not?, I thought. However if anybody knows me, they’ll know that there was to be that extra touch to it.

twitter qatar

To make like easy for twitter fans who want the latest news, simply go to and enjoy getting your latest tidbits from Gulf Times, The Peninsula, Arabian Business, Zawya, GDN, Gulf News, ILQ News, and much more. (On a side note Nigel G has started Doha Daily which compresses The Pen into a nice pdf for the move!) 

While you’re at it, check out ILQ’s facebook and flickr groups.

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Freedom of Expression

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Qatari Government is a signatory of states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medias and regardless of any frontiers.

    The Emiri Decision Number 86 of the year 2007 on the establishment of the Doha Free Information Centre marked yet another step towards establishing a State of rights and freedom of speech. The decision stipulated that the Centre be a non-profit organization, headquartered in Doha City, and have the authority to establish other affiliated centres inside and outside Qatar. It is worth mentioning that His Highness the Emir issued a decision in 1998 annulling the ministry of information, giving birth to a new era of freedom of speech where censorship was removed from local media.