iPhone 3G and MMS settings on Vodafone

untitled-1Here’s the Vodafone Qatar 3G and MMS settings for the iPhone just in case you need.

To enable MMS with Vodafone, within your carrier settings section just input these settings

APN : web.vodafone.com.qa
Username :
password :

MMSC : http://mmsr.vodafone.com.qa/mmsc
MMS Proxy :
MMS max message size : 307200

For the Qtel settings, click here

The iPhone is released in Qatar

The iPhone is out! You can grab it now at any VF store! (They give you like 300mb for free and all customers get that until the end of September!)

Read news here


Vodafone vs Qtel – Busted


It was about time that ILQ did another ‘Busted’ article so this time we focused on Qtel vs Vodafone.

If you’re interested to see what the results are, click here.

Vodafone vs Qtel price comparison

Vodafone IPO information

untitledVodafone has officially flicked on it’s switch and started services from the 1st of March. In the coming days, Vodafone ahs announced that they plan to also select their first thousand users.

The buzz that’s getting more people interested is the IPO itself. The date April 12 2009 has been set as the launch of the IPO where Qataris will be able to invest in 40% of the company. The IPO is due to run through until April 26 2009.

The amount to be raised is roughly 338,000,000 shares at a value of 10 QR + 25dhs.

The general public are definately welcome an opportunity to recoup some of their losses after the financial crisis, which some have claimed did not impact Qatar as much as other countries.

We at ILQ think that it’s a great investment and if you do your research, you’ll see that Vodafone is a company that’s going to take care of it’s investors both in the short and especially in the long term.


Vodafone Qatar – A new hope

People may not realize this, but Vodafone has a great deal of responsibility when it comes to changing this country.

It’s breaking the last telecoms monopoly in the region. It’s like the guy who swung a hammer to take down the final bring on the Berlin wall.

If we sit down to think about everything that’s going to change in Qatar, we’d see that the list is quite long.

1) Competition (which means better life for the customer)
2) Better quality of advertisements
3) Encourages others to enter the scene (not necessarily in the same
4) Gives hope to other international companies
5) Encourages better quality of products and services
6) Connects Qatar to the rest of the world (in terms of brand awareness)
7) Will bring more events to Qatar
8) Will encourage more charitable causes

Look around now! I’m noticing that Qtels advertisements have improved, their offers have improved, and in fact, their service on the phone is much more politer! All of this happened with just the notion that Vodafone’s coming to town.

A lot of the staff at Vodafone are excited about what’s happening. They’re enthusiastic, craving to make a change in Qatar, and they have really upbeat attitudes. That’s what every customer needs from the people that provide them with a service.

What does everyone else think about this?

Vodafone’s Landmark Treasure Hunt

Just a quick reminder to everyone who’s interested in Vodafone and winning some cool prizes.

Head on over to the link for Vodafone’s Landmark Treasure Hunt!

Qtel to launch new numbers

Here’s a nice little highlight from ILQ News.

QTel are going to launch their new set of numbers tomorrow (Thursday 13th of Nov) at 3pm

Time to grab a nice number. Oh and buying to resell on the black market will result in a 1,000 QR fine.


Freedom of Expression

    Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Qatari Government is a signatory of states: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any medias and regardless of any frontiers.

    The Emiri Decision Number 86 of the year 2007 on the establishment of the Doha Free Information Centre marked yet another step towards establishing a State of rights and freedom of speech. The decision stipulated that the Centre be a non-profit organization, headquartered in Doha City, and have the authority to establish other affiliated centres inside and outside Qatar. It is worth mentioning that His Highness the Emir issued a decision in 1998 annulling the ministry of information, giving birth to a new era of freedom of speech where censorship was removed from local media.